A little while back I had the pleasure of taking artist photos for a friend of mine named Jack.  He’s an old school country singin’ folk artist with a bit of a modern twist.  While he hasn’t released his first album yet figured it might be fun to share some of my favorite images with you guys.  Ive always found it very easy to work with friends as my subjects, images feel like they have far more soul when there is a relationship between photographer and subject.  Something I’m really just beginning to love.

The first series we shot was of Jack in his great uncles vintage Cadillac.  Some of the images were staged, others I just shot while we were driving down the road.  I love the color of the car as an accent to the guitar along with the great colors of the interior images.

After we returned the car to the garage we headed on down to our nearest national park to find somewhere cool to shoot.  We stumbled across a great abandon homestead in Cuyahoga Valley National Park the served as the perfect backdrop for the next set of images.  The style and look we were going for was very country western, but we didn’t want the images to feel forced, so we just tried to make everything look as authentic as possible.


“Three cords and the truth, thats what a country song is.” -Willie Nelson


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