A little while back I had the pleasure of taking artist photos for a friend of mine named Jack.  He’s an old school country singin’ folk artist with a bit of a modern twist.  While he hasn’t released his first album yet figured it might be fun to share some of my favorite images with you guys.  Ive always found it very easy to work with friends as my subjects, images feel like they have far more soul when there is a relationship between photographer and subject.  Something I’m really just beginning to love.

The first series we shot was of Jack in his great uncles vintage Cadillac.  Some of the images were staged, others I just shot while we were driving down the road.  I love the color of the car as an accent to the guitar along with the great colors of the interior images.

After we returned the car to the garage we headed on down to our nearest national park to find somewhere cool to shoot.  We stumbled across a great abandon homestead in Cuyahoga Valley National Park the served as the perfect backdrop for the next set of images.  The style and look we were going for was very country western, but we didn’t want the images to feel forced, so we just tried to make everything look as authentic as possible.


“Three cords and the truth, thats what a country song is.” -Willie Nelson



It is estimated that 90% of the forest fires started in the United States were caused by humans. That statistic in mind I created a photo illustration and PSA for a possible poster or sign in the local parks.

For this project I basically layered many different images and elements and did some minor color alterations to make the images match and look appropriate. I had about 6 or 7 layers in this image. I figured in this blog post I would show you a bit of a process gallery. I really like the way the final product turned out and did really well on this assignment.


Illustration Orig


Illustration 2



All in all I was very pleased with the way the final product turned out and its a great piece of work to add to my portfolio.

Take A Walk In The Woods

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I spent my weekend with a dear friend of mine backpacking and hiking in the Mohican Memorial State Forest.  I think all to often we allow our lives to become to busy, we get into the mundane routine of work, school, and trying to have a social life, never taking the time to sit back and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of a day with no plans and nothing to do!

I posted this quote on another post but it still pertains to my life and Im going to post it again anyway.

“I am losing precious days. I am degenerating into a machine for making money. I am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. I must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news”
~ John Muir ~

Everyday I walk through life as though I am trying to complete a task, I never stop to think about my own life or what I can do to enhance the life of others, but instead I pull out my phone to check my schedule and keep living for the end of my day!

I have dreams but don’t really share them with people, I don’t live my life as though I have a goal of ever making those dreams a reality.  I’m at a crucial point in life when I still have the freedom to do what I want without the obligations of a 9-5 job or wife and kids I would have to leave behind!  The time is now and I need to capitalize on the golden years in my life when these opportunities can be a reality!